Get out into the country
and enjoy the pastoral setting.
Breathe in the fresh air
and experience the peace and quiet.
Feel the grass beneath your feet
and the touch of underbrush
against your legs.
Meet friendly, fun people.
And shoot them.

Combine the sheer fun of childhood games of chase, with an adult's capacity for strategy, action and adventure, and you get an idea of what Paintball is like. The Game is played with two teams of ten or more players per side, each carrying a paintgun that shoots soft, environmentally safe, paint-filled pellets. To win, you must find your opponent's flag hidden in 10 acres of rugged terrain, and return it to your base, while trying to stop your opponents from doing the same. And you can stop them, with the squeeze of a trigger and a splatter of paint!

Capture the Flag and Recapture the Feeling!

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